How to Schedule a Project
Participants will learn proper techniques for project schedule creation.  Participant is to complete a construction schedule derived from a unit cost estimate. Items covered will include planning and developing the project schedule, bar charts, basic critical path method and WVDOT scheduling performance requirements.

Working with WVDOT
General topics for WVDOT procurement procedures covered in the introductory workshop are to be expanded in greater detail.  To provide contractors better tools, a thorough review of online resources are included. WVDOT structure, as well as requirements for working with WVDOT are covered.

Managing your Business
A contractor’s approach to basic managerial accounting will be included.  Participants are to learn techniques for key decision making principals using basic financial reports.  Relationships between periodic financial reporting data and daily financial management will be shown.

​Contract Administration
Contracting with WVDOT involves proper contract administration procedures.  We will highlight the most important of these including payroll requirements, equal opportunity compliance Contractor’s Performance Report, Fuel and asphalt adjustments and WVDOT procedures on billing and payments.

Estimating Quantities​
Participants will learn effective takeoff technique and verification of unit quantities.  Instruction includes example exercises.  Tips, techniques and methods of estimating road construction, stationing as a takeoff tool and Linear and item category identification are included.

Estimating Material & Equipment Costs
While examining WVDOT standard plans and specifications, participants will learn how to properly estimate material costs for a typical project.  Using proven methods, overhead cost allocations will be covered with special attention given to unit costing.

Estimating Labor Costs
After discovering how to accurately calculate labor and equipment costs for their operations, participants will learn how to incorporate these costs into quantities of unit items.  A discussion of Federal prevailing wages (Davis Bacon) is also scheduled.

Marketing your Business 
Learn how to brand your company, design a website and develop a Capability statement. Understand that costs are not a direct expense but can be good will. Understand community involvement and the positive effect. How market your business in an indirect way.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
Attendees will learn techniques for efficiently managing a small construction business.  Topics to be included are business plan development, growth and cash flow management, bonding and lending strategies.

Locating Work Opportunities​
Proper methods in preparation of a bid are tantamount to successfully winning the project.  Participants will learn steps necessary in the WVDOT bidding process and where to find jobs to bid.​

West Virginia Department of Transportation